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Date Sun, 5 Jan 2003 13:49:19 -0600
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hi Etienne, thank you for sending the URL of your work.
i found it very interesting and it reminded me of many
things. my initial impression was that i wondered how
you were able to get so much animation in such a small
download, which made it mysterious in a way, to me.
i vaguely remember seeing (images of) Engelbart's
'mouse' and other interface, yet it reminded more of a
technology i briefly encountered from a silicon-valley
startup (whose name i've forgotten)...

basically, it was an eye-tracking device that would be
used for watching how people interact with websites,
by scanning their eyeballs and mapping the geometry
back onto the website they were interacting with, so as
to 'scientifically' gauge how accurate the interface design
was, in relation to stated goals via such user testing. in
the end, it was basically what you've done, but if lines
of different colors were added, for how mouses acted
on the screen in relation to different colored lines for
the tracking of users' eyeballs. thus, the mouses i saw
on your site see to show use of the left-navigation in
the same way this e-commerce testing would do. a
second relation was that, when imagining such lines,
it seems that Sol Lewitt's work (at least what i've seen
of it, when connecting various numbers via linework)
might also be part of the mysterious mouse movements.

thanks for sending your work.

On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 06:41  AM, Etienne Cliquet wrote:

> I've made a hybrid interface between film and animation, cinema and
> web:
> (hiddenCam captures the action of the mouse and save it to sequence in
> database)

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