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Electromagnetic News & Views -- #3

0) Electronetwork.org Commentary (10/18/2002)

1) Links to Top Stories of Electromagnetism
2) Electromagnetic health & medicine
3) Electromagnetic trash & treasure
4) Electromagnetic security & surveillance
5) Electromagnetic power & energy
6) Electromagnetic current & human affairs
7) Electromagnetic transportation
8) Electromagnetic architecture & building
9) Electromagnetic trends & inventions

0) --commentary--

Absent in the daily flurry of upended markets has been
any re-evaluation of US Energy Policy, which died in the
US Senate before becoming law. The dark matter in the room
is those Enron documents that Senator Josepth Lieberman is
said to be guarding vigellantly, with armed guards, with a
similar intensity as VP Richard Cheney has been guarding
all documents relating to an utterly failed US Energy Task
Force effort pushing oil and nuclear power, still unchanged
after 9-11 revealed these to be the greatest security threats
to the US and the world at large, and all attempts to strong-
arm the bill through the government was met with the inertia
brought on by skepticism. For the 2nd (or is it 3rd?) time,
the Vice President has refused to hand-over documents that
a judge ordered released for public review, even though the
Vice President is required by law to do so. This is months
after the decision, even. In the Energy Task Force documents
it should be revealed what role the current progeny of corrupt
energy practices are leading current US Policy (domestic and
foreign) on this subject, and it would be nice for citizens
to know who the government is accountable to, to keep the
lights, power, heaters, and coolers on, in tough times, as
an Enron official admitted this week that during the energy
crisis in california, was a manufactured and exploited event
by Enron itself, which the samen administration backed during
that fiasco. It is a high-probability that some of the same
players awaiting their public dues also drafted US "public"
energy policy, and to this day- nothing has changed. There
is a great opportunity to go beyond this by releasing the
documents, and in doing so, changing US energy policy to
reflect the realities of the world, not just the worldviews
of people who live and breathe money and an end in itself.
There should be fallout from this, it is well deserved and
even moreso for balking, and balking this long, on this very
critical issue. With an innovative US approach to energy it
could revive a new economic, social, and cultural trajectory
where decisions on energy could tie into job growth, into
education, and understanding people, and our environments.
Such that, with critical issues such as autism, or other
mysteries that haunt our populations, how does electromagnetism
fundamentally relate to biological matter, and human beings in
particular? Not ideologically, with reference to lawsuits or
denting profit-margins, but for the good of ourselves, our
knowledge of ourselves and our environments, so we can design
and build through understanding, apprieciation, and respect,
to do the least damage, and most good, through policies such
as energy, health, education, job training, and other areas.
Energy policy could influence the direction of everything upon
which it relies and is reliant upon, said and unsaid, current
affairs, hidden (health) and silent (education) affairs... it
is time to make energy work for us on the grandest of scales...


1) --top stories--

Increase in Autism Baffles Scientists
// relate this phenomena to neuroscience, cognitive science,
// brain imaging, electromagnetic physiology, various brain-
// based philosophies, and the relation between consciousness,
// cognition, and nerve connections with the rise of the same
// types of technologies during this period, including wireless
// phones, which supplement the skills missing in our children...

"Trying to account for a drastic rise in childhood autism
in recent years, a California study has found that it cannot
be explained away by statistical anomalies or by a growing
public awareness that might have led more parents to
report the disorder."

System error, reboot mind
New theory claims that brains catch ideas the way
computers catch software viruses
// it is not understood how this (existing) theory is 'new'
// in any significant way, unless it is thru extension...

2-- electromagnetic health & medicine

A Word for Brainy People: Plastic

"Brain plasticity doesn't refer to the texture of one's
gray matter, but instead indicates how the 100 billion
or so neurons in a brain communicate with each other.
A plastic brain is a learning brain."

Mesmerized by Magnetism
An 18th-century investigation into mesmerism shows us how
to think about 21st-century therapeutic magnets

Teen angst rooted in busy brain

"Nerve activity in the teenaged brain is so intense that they
find it hard to process basic information, researchers say,
rendering the teenagers emotionally and socially inept."

Vice President still has not turned over Energy Task Force
documents, Judge demands them by Nov.5 or 6th (no URL),
or requires the VP declares it as Executive Privilege.
(did ENRON, HALLIBURTON officials draft US Energy Policy?)

3-- electromagnetic trash & treasure

Food scraps could help power homes

"Right now, their fuel cell runs only on sugar cubes,
since these produce almost no waste when broken down,
but they aim to move on to carrot power. "It has to be
able to use raw materials, rather than giving it a
refined fuel," says Melhuish.

Inside the Walkman-sized battery, a colony of E. coli
bacteria produce enzymes that break down carbohydrates,
releasing hydrogen atoms. The cell also contains chemicals
that drive a series of redox, or reduction and oxidation
reactions, stripping electrons from the hydrogen atoms
and delivering them steadily to the fuel cell's anode.
This creates a voltage that can be used to power a circuit."

4-- electromagnetic security & surveillance

Biometric Mouse Offers Hands-on Security

The world's most dangerous server rooms
// the horror... the horror...

U.S. Plans Satellite Rescue Beacons
// example of dual-use technology, following in the path
// of GPS. also, old spy satellites have become environmental
// monitoring satellites, another example of dual-use... and
// benefits from the space-industry RD&D, for civilian use...

Traffic Cameras Could Help Solve Crimes
// the previous statement about pooling camera data has
// been confirmed, that to use these cameras they are put
// into a central database, as headlined on Drudgereport.com...

Celebrity 'phone hacking' on the increase
// same is true for digital answering machines... if you do
// not change the remote access code, someone can call and
// listen to, or delete the phone messages on your machine,
// if they know the default access code and type of machine...

"Hacking into strangers' mobile phone voicemail boxes is a
relatively simple process but can only be used if the mobile
phone user has not personalised his or her voicemail access code."

How mobile phones let spies see our every move
Government's secret Celldar project will allow surveillance of anyone,
at any time and anywhere there is a phone signal
// just in case anyone did not read this piece on cellphone radar...

5-- electromagnetic power & energy

OPEC Mins: Iraq Strike Would Mean Turmoil
DOHA/ABU DHABI (Reuters) - Key OPEC ministers warned
on Sunday of turmoil in global oil markets if the
United States decided to strike Iraq.

6-- electromagnetic current & human affairs

Short Game 7 Draw Sets Up Final Game Showdown
// the big chess game is (today) Saturday...

Bibliotheca Alexandrina to open

"While the new library cannot match the 500,000 scrolls said to
have been housed in the Great Library of Alexandria before it
burned down in the fourth century, it has a digital archive
that includes 10 billion Web pages dating back to 1996."

7-- electromagnetic transportation

// fuel cell automobiles: ready-steady-go...

GM Releases First Data, Pictures of Fuel Cell Hy-wire
Concept Car, Debut at Paris Auto Show

Toyota and Honda First Out of the Gate
Automakers Announce Plan to Market Fuel Cell Vehicles in U.S. and Japan
Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. recently announced that they
would begin limited leasing of fuel cell vehicles in the U.S. and Japan,
becoming the first in the world to offer the technology commercially.

8-- electromagnetic architecture & building

Radio waves could construct buildings in space (thanks H)

"Huge buildings could be conjured up in space using nothing
more than focused radio waves to push individual components
into place. Radio-controlled construction would get around
one of the obstacles to colonising space - the need to ferry
heavy construction equipment into orbit and support the
people who will operate it."

N.M.Komerath, C.A. Matos, A. Coker, S. Wanis, J.Hausaman,
R.G. Ames, X.Y. Tan, School of Aerospace Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology (thanks .H.)


Shapes of forms by acoustic waves

9-- electromagnetic trends & inventions

Ditch Your Keyboard and Mouse

"The new interface consists of a touchpad that acts as a video camera,
recording the objects touching its surface. An embedded microprocessor
then uses an algorithmic process to convert the touches into commands
understood by the computer, the researchers say."

New microwave drill is clean, quiet


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