~e; Aesthetic by default

From "Etienne Cliquet" <cliquet@teleferique.org>
Date Mon, 9 Sep 2002 08:06:56 +0200

"Aesthetic by default" by Etienne Cliquet,
an online publication about interface :



 What is the aesthetic by default ?

  1.Why this text ?
  2.Init interface
  3.Interface and interback

 Art vs design

  1.Graphic design monopoly
  2.Our ways are separating
  3.Aesthetic usage

 Programing interface by default

  1.Language machine
  2.God game
  3.Vanilla flavor
  4.Init game

 Aesthetic by default

  1.My little bureaucracy
  2.By défault and Ready-made
  3.All in the same direction


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