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1 // this in-between area between physics and biology is often
   // the realm of electromagnetic inquiry, such as with electro-
   // biology, electrogenetics, and other fields...

Bio envy
As biology picks up steam and money, physicists join the juggernaut
By Gareth Cook , Globe Staff, 8/13/2002


2 // have always wondered about the origins of such images...

To Boldly Paint What No Man Has Painted Before
Chesley Bonestell combined scientific precision with artistic 
brilliance to create paintings of other worlds that helped inspire 
the space program
by Ron Miller


3 // wired article section:
   // - wind and solar tour:
   // - brain-scanning pain:
   // - the missing particle: (relate to #1 on particle accelerator)

Green: A Thing Raitt Talks About
By Brad King

These Machines Feel Your Pain

Racing to the 'God Particle'

4 // (the brain monitoring technology fits with DARPA project funding...)

The Cyborg Known as You
Chips under the skin. Wireless sensors in the brain. It's not science 
fiction. It's your destiny.


5 // for fun... related to questioning Einstein's physics...

Apple chip breakthrough confounds physicists
By Andrew Orlowski in London

6 // more on the 'digital Pearl Harbor' wartest...

Mock cyberwar fails to end mock civilization
By Thomas C Greene in Washington

7 // electromagnetic tools and tech becomes part of the standard procedure...

E-mail can be key criminal evidence

8 // public service announcement...
Digital forgery attacks website security

9 // the invisible EM-based fence, infrared, radar, for border control...

Spain unveils coastal spy system

10 // if all is classified secret, every hole is a national security threat...

Sleuths Invade Military PCs With Ease

11 // thanks to *. (amazing)

  Wired 10.09 Vision Quest

"This goes on all morning, and it's nothing new. For almost 50 years, 
scientists have known that electrical stimulation of the visual 
cortex causes blind subjects to perceive small points of light known 
as phosphenes. The tests they're running aim to determine the "map" 
of the patient's phosphenes. When electrical current zaps into the 
brain, the lights don't appear only in one spot. They are spread out 
across space, in what artificial-vision researchers call the 
"starry-night effect.""

12 // thanks to *. (cybernetics goes commercial, next: salivating consumers)

  Science-Nature Brands on the brain:

"The brain reacts in a unique way when it spots a famous brand name, 
according to scientific research."

13 // thanks to *. new accelerator website...

TESLA - Project for the Future

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