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Date Sun, 11 Aug 2002 16:46:58 -0500

1 // not sure what to make of this analysis...

India, Pakistan and G.E.


2 // fuel cell 'batteries' not long off...

Fuel Cell Adds Life to Your Mobile Devices
Power supply could keep your handheld gadgets running ten times as 
long as existing batteries.

Matt Berger, IDG News Service
Friday, August 09, 2002


3 // favorite human-computer spectator sport... and bellwether...

Kasparov, computer in chess rematch


4 // fascinating article about an old technology that sci-tech
    // historian Thomas P. Hughes once wrote a book about,
   // the inventor of the gyroscope, (Sperry, i think) which
  // Hughes argued was one of the biggest advances/inventions
  // of the 2oth century, if memory serves. also, the aspect of
  // computer games and hobbies becoming intergrated in other
  // areas again shows the liquidity of sci-tech advances, for dual-
  // use and off-the-shelf technology systems. (and, like Wind
  // River, in the other direction, a company dealing in embedded
  // programmable processors, used for the mission to mars with
  // the roving robots, now designing Weapons of MD detectors).


Gyroscopes That Don't Spin Make It Easy to Hover

  "The Draganflyer lists for $749, a price that makes it an expensive 
toy. So Mr. Dragan is also pitching the device to real estate agents 
and police department SWAT teams that might need aerial pictures. A 
tiny video camera can be mounted on the device for $200. The company 
also makes a larger, much more expensive model that is sold to the 
military for surveillance use."

5 // was at a bar to get a lemonade while biking and saw they had this
  // electronic coaster they would hand to patrons. two people at the bar,
// during the wait, had their 'detector' go off-- in a series of blinking
  // LED lights, flashing about, maybe even a noise, i forget. it was a
  // way to signal to patrons that their table was ready. likewise, in all
// areas electromagnetic technologies have found a place. one of the
// areas has been in religion, through electronic church bells say. this
// article goes into the full blown electronic commerce of tithing...

Pass the Collection Plate and Charge It

6 // thanks *. this article is a dandy. at first it seemed to be identical
  // to an old (but unused?) technology, the EM pulse (EMP) weapons,
  // mentioned below. but instead of detonating a nukebomb in the atmo-
  // sphere, this weapons goes underground and sends out a simlar EM-
  // busting wave of fury that destroys EM equipment, even transmitting
  // the pulse through metal ductwork and piping. HPM, is the acronym.
  // it sounds on par with particles from the sun which hit the earth's outer/
  // uppermost part of the atmosphere, discharing huge amounts of energy.

"E-bomb" may see first combat use in Iraq  
17:45 08 August 02

High Power Microwave (HPM) devices are designed to destroy electronic 
equipment in command, control, communications and computer targets 
and are available to the US military. They produce an electromagnetic 
field of such intensity that their effect can be far more devastating 
than a lighting strike....
The effect exploited by HPM weapons was accidentally demonstrated in 
the 1950s when street lights in Hawaii were knocked out by the 
electromagnetic pulse produced by high altitude nuclear tests."
"The resultant spike lasts tens to hundreds of microseconds and can 
produce peak currents of tens of millions of Amps and peak energies 
of tens of millions of Joules. By comparison, a typical lighting 
strike produces around 30,000 Amps."

7 // for those who are interested in the tooth-phone of late...

Neuro Wave/Phone Info!


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