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// more on anti-gravity shipping.... electrokinetic drivemotor...

Investigation Casts Light on the Mysterious Flying Black Triangle

// it is great to know of the stories and unique people
// behind electromagnetic inventions used everyday...

Drive, She Said
Florence Lawrence: "the first movie star"-and an automotive pioneer.

"Turn signals and brake lights are standard on all automobiles 
manufactured today-in fact, it's hard to imagine cars without them. 
But close to a century ago, when the automotive industry was just 
revving up, such amenities were brand new. The inventor of the 
earliest versions of both was Florence Lawrence (photo), who was, at 
the time, the highest-paid film actress ever."


// no comment on commentary about the embedded chip experimenter.
// this does not appear to be the same person(s) who, with their family
// in Florida, had chips implanted for security IDs after 9/11...

Why I'm not impressed with Professor Cyborg


// thanks to * for the url. have heard other, similar instances
// with animals and car alarms, and other electronic devices...

A Phone in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush
Birds are imitating the ring tones of cell phones



// another technofuturist government report

When brains meet computer brawn

People linking their brains together to form a global collective 
intelligence. Humans living well beyond 100 years. Computers 
uploading aspects of our personalities to a network.

"These could all happen this century with the proper investments in 
technology, according to a recent report from the National Science 
Foundation and the Department of Commerce.

Titled "Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance: 
Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology, and Cognitive 
Science," the 405-page report calls for more research into the 
intersection of these fields..."

*	Section A: Motivation and outlook
*	Section B: Expanding human cognition and communication
*	Section C: Expanding human physical performance
*	Section D: Enhancing group and societal outcomes
*	Section E: National security
*	Section F: Unifying science and education
*	Appendix A: List of Contributors

full report .PDFs at: http://itri.loyola.edu/ConvergingTechnologies/


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E-Textiles Come into Style
Next season's smart outfits will be wired.



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