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>if you think this is interesting, go read the public darpa budget 
>for this year, it is nearly scary.

  great. for those unfamiliar with .US .mil acronyms, DARPA
  stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

  the budgetary files are available for download

  FY 2003 DARPA Budget (1.45Mb .pdf)
  FY 2002 DARPA Budget (4.6Mb .pdf)
  FY 2001 Budget Request (33k .pdf)
  FY 2001 DARPA Descriptive Summaries (1.34 Mb .pdf)

  the 2003 estimated budget includes these categories:

  -Defense Research Sciences
  -Computing Systems & Communications Technology
  -Embedded Software and Pervasive Computing
  -Biological Warfare Defense
  -Tactical Technology
  -Materials and Electronics Technology
  -Advanced Aerospace Systems
  -Advanced Electronics Technologies
  -Command, Control and Communications Systems
  -Sensor and Guidance Technology
  -Marine Technology
  -Land Warfare Technology
  -Management Headquaters

// almost all of these categories and their technologies
// are based on electroamgnetic technology in some way,
// through computation, materials, organizational structure...

  found this in the .pdf: 'brain machine interface'

  'The Brain Machine Interface program will create
  new technologies for augmenting human performance
  through the ability to access codes in the brain
  in real time and integrate them into peripheral
  device or system operations... Examination of
  different brain regions will be accomplished in
  order to generate coded patterns to control peri-
  pheral devices and robotics. Techniques will be
  examined to extract these [brain] signals non-
  invasively. In addition, these emerging methods
  for viewing and measuring processes within the
  brain will be leverage to determine if it is
  possible to detect deceptive intent."

  2002-2003, roughly 150 million US dollars

  the DARPA Technical Office programs include:

  Advanced Technology Office (ATO) Programs
  Defense Sciences Office (DSO) Programs
  Information Awareness Office (IAO) Programs
  Information Processing Technology Office (IPTO) Programs
  Information Exploitation Office (IXO) Programs
  Microsystems Technology Office (MTO) Programs
  Special Projects Office (SPO) Programs
  Tactical Technology Office (TTO) Programs

  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization