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0- (always thought resonant frequencies would work...)

Laser-armed Humvee to blast mines

1- (moon power- nuclear prospecting/mining. China mentioned
establishing a permanent base camp there for the future...)

Moon a great power source
By Richard Macey
July 11 2002
Sydney Morning Herald

2- (population growth and energy efficiency)

The Conservation Bomb
Technology for Presidents  By Richard A. Muller   June 14, 2002
There will be 10 billion people on Earth by 2100-and all of them can
live comfortably if advances in energy-saving technology continue.

3- (decentralized compressed natural gas)

Home Gas Pump: Smart or Fuelish?
By John Gartner
2:00 a.m. July 10, 2002 PDT

4- (info on the vector supercomputer Earth Simulator from NEC)

Supercomputing: Suddenly Sexy
By Daith├˙ ├" hAnluain

5- (quantum cracks in today's encrypted codebases)

Quantum Computing Puts Encrypted Messages at Risk

6- (natural electromagnetic lightshow...)

Auroras Underfoot

A group of astronauts will never forget the day they flew right
through a cloud of auroras.

7- (mysteries of light neverending...)

Light turns into glowing liquid
09:20 07 July 02
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition

"Light can be turned into a glowing stream of liquid that splits into
droplets and splatters off surfaces just like water. The researchers
who've worked out how to do this say "liquid light" would be the
ideal lifeblood for optical computing, where chips send light around
optical "circuits" to process data...."

8- (questions over superconductivity claims)...

  Lucent Panel Broadens Inquiry to Superconductor Papers

9- (snapshot of the state of nanoism today)

Small Wonders
By Tim Harper, July 2002 Issue

Nanotech's biggest breakthroughs won't come overnight. But they will
come -- and when they do, they'll change everything from computers
and vaccines to airplanes and TVs.


" Nanotech is where electricity was shortly after Edison harnessed
it, when people were trying to figure out uses for the miraculous


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