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  [if there is a new techno-utopian vision, it must include a printer
  as being able to output LCDs, solar cells, edible paper, etc...]

MONITOR:  Solar cells go organic

 From The Economist print edition Jun 20th 2002

"Although they are not particularly efficient, plastic solar cells 
that are flexible enough to be sprayed on roofs or printed on clothes 
look like being remarkably cheap

"... In plastics, however, the force that binds an electron to a hole 
is nearly 100 times stronger. Moreover, organic materials often have 
structural "traps", like roadblocks on a highway, that impair the 
electron's mobility. Another drawback is that organic materials such 
as plastic absorb less light from the solar spectrum. So far, plastic 
cells have achieved efficiencies of only 2.5%, against 10% for 
standard inorganic solar panels and 30% in the most expensive 
modules. But because polymers can be manufactured cheaply in a 
solution at room temperature, researchers at the University of 
Arizona in Tucson, who have been experimenting with printing cells on 
paper or plastic via inkjets, think all the fuss is worth it..."


  [very interesting use of photography and GIS mapping again to
  look at the often invisible context of the built environment
  in relation to the EM infrastructure. there is also several
  other collections, including one on fiber-optic cables onsite...]

  Cryptome's photojournalism series. 5-10 large .jpg images per URL.

* Eyeballing Telephone Switching Hubs in Downtown Manhattan (proximity to WTC)

* Eyeballing the Hidden Oil Patch (Midland Texas)

"Knowing what is really undergound requires sophisticated 
intelligence and counter-intelligence, to contend with a network of 
spies, disinformation, lies and cheating."

* Eyeballing Energy Markets of the US


  [no comment.]

The Integraton

"The Integratron is a 38-foot high, 50-foot diameter, non-metallic 
structure designed by the engineer George Van Tassel as a 
rejuvenation and time machine. Van Tassel was a legendary figure, a 
former test pilot for Howard Hughes and Douglas Aircraft, who lived 
at Giant Rock, and operated Giant Rock airport. His annual Spacecraft 
Conventions were attended by thousands across two decades, featuring 
high profile UFO contactees and pioneers in the fields of 
antigravity, primary energy research and electromagnetics. Van Tassel 
led weekly meditations in a cave under the rock from the 1950's to 
the 1970's, which he claimed led to UFO contacts. He said UFO 
channelings and ideas from scientists such as Nikola Tesla led to the 
unique architecture of the Integratron. He spent 18 years 
constructing the building."


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