~e; wireless hieroglyphics

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 21:13:37 -0500

  [info encountered at The Thing BBS, NYC. have encountered
  earlier such writings via the infrastructural professions,
  of sewage, water, electric, gas, and other streetworks who
  need to communicate on the ground via dissolvable spraypaint,
  to show lines of where underground electrical lines are, or
  trees that are diseased, or property zoning. each specialty
  has its own language, and as language has always intrigued.
  also, believe it has been related to graffiti and other areas
  in terms of tagging, although not certain to what extent. in
  any case, as with wired, so with wireless, a new community.]

from the official website:


Collaboratively creating a hobo-language for free wireless networking.

What is all this about? Well - it was born out of a good lunch, like 
lots of ideas; where we hit upon the idea of creating a hobo language 
for wireless access points.
Find a node, and leave a chalk symbol for others to find the node 
with a minimum of all that tiresome netstumbler business. Mail your 
comments and suggestions to warchalking@blackbeltjones.com


--> new domain: http://www.warchalking.org/

You can download:
  A PDF of the card to print out and use [31k]
  An EPS of the card to download and improve [800k]


  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization