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  [always having heard reference to various areas in the
  worlds (outside the .us) where things were occurring in
  R&D in high-tech and electromagnetic explorations, this
  is one of the more interesting for me in that it is a
  refreshing view that when others are competing in a
  breakthrough industry, it could in turn help changes.]

>Russia comes to fore in microelectronics research
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>NEW YORK  &#151;  Regimes may come and go but microelectronics
>research continues unabated in the land of the czars. The vast
>underreporting of that research has been a bane to Russian scientists
>seeking collaboration with the west since the collapse of the Soviet
>Union in 1991, but two upcoming conferences suggest they are coming
>into their own and may be on par with the rest of the world's
>research community.
>The first Russian conference on quantum informatics will be held in
>October in Zvenigorod, about 30 miles outside Moscow. It will be
>chaired by quantum researcher Kamil A. Valiev, director of the
>Institute of Physics and Technology (Moscow), and will consider such
>futuristic subjects as solid-state quantum computers, liquid quantum
>computers and quantum cryptography.
>Valiev is editor-in-chief of Russian Microelectronics,  a bimonthly
>journal that covers the physics and technologies of VLSI and ULSI
>microelectronics and nanoelectronics. Recent issues suggest its
>status, with papers on such topics as "All-nMOS Quasi-adiabatic
>Dynamic Logic," "VLSI Multilevel Metallization Technology Using
>Polyimide Insulation," and "Luminescent Properties of ZnO Films."
>Formerly named Mikroelektronika, the 30-year-old journal is now
>available online through Nauka/Interperiodica, the International
>Academic Publishing Co.
>A more down-to-earth conference, SEMI Expo CIS 2002, is scheduled for
>September. Sponsored  by Semiconductor Equipment and Materials
>International (SEMI), it is that organization's yearly attempt to
>generate interest in the Russian electronics market by enabling the
>exchange of technical and business information among attendees from
>the west and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
>Great expectations
>Always optimistic, SEMI's yearly "pilgrimages" to Russia are rich in
>content but short on tangible results. This year, as the yoke of
>taxations and foreign ownership of Russian enterprises starts to
>loosen, SEMI expects a more enthusiastic response from exhibitors and
>Part market seminar, part technical symposium, SEMI Expo will expose
>the current state of the CIS semiconductor industry, its technology
>levels and manpower resources and will inform western attendees of
>the potential for doing business in Russia and other CIS states.
>Local and visiting companies will give presentations on topics
>related to semiconductor process technologies and
>microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).
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