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From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 8 Jun 2002 00:57:11 -0500

  [hello everyone. over the last several months i have put
  together a plan for the several phase development of the
  electrontwork.org website, and its relation to a larger
  goal of helping establish electromagnetic literacy and
  electromagnetic studies in educational environments. this
  idea took form during a grant application, which made it
  to the 2nd stage yet was not funded. because of this and
  prior experiences it was decided beforehand to create an
  'open-grant' whereby people who are interested in work
  such as the Electromagnetic Education Initiative (EEI)
  can come and look at the ideas online, thus increasing
  both the potential participants and grantors, and also
  providing a focus on the content itself, not just the
  formalism found in traditional systems of operation...

  therefore, a preview of the EEI open-grant and its public
  goals are available for review and any feedback, comments,
  and-or suggestions, which would be much appreciated. this
  material was sent to several persons offline which as a
  result, i received some indirect feedback on how people
  perceive such work. this is an open and public forum so
  if there are any concerns about the goals or ideas that
  are seriously lacking in realism, or whatever, please
  contribute your public critiques. once linked up to the
  main website it will then be widely distributed online.

  this is intended to be a public project, for a public
  and general audience, primarily in english until other
  resources can be translated, and international in scope.
  it is not meant to monopolize whole segments of content,
  only offer another view of how things may be ordered by
  an electromagnetic perspective, and what may be learned
  from doing so, in terms of education and knowledge...]

The Electromagnetic Education Initiative (EEI) is a four phase 
collaborative project which seeks to organize electromagnetic content 
online, conduct basic research in electromagnetic literacy, and 
design and build an interdisciplinary foundation for the further 
study of electromagnetism in various learning environments, including 


  the electromagnetic internetwork-list
  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization