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Date Wed, 8 May 2002 02:46:48 -0500

  a few more (mostly digital) artifacts from the past
  are now (back) online.


  the leaflight (1994-1995 or so) // image-forms

  this was a hand-built electric light, which was based
  on the idea of a hanging lamp, as that of a tree branch
  (extension cord) that then sprouts leaves at the end of
  its structure (colorful leaves from autumn's ground) which
  in the sun (lightbulb) are illuminated, changing effects
  by the shiftings of light and color (and decay). so here
  is the plan, plus a link to a e-mail of instructions on
  how-to D.I.Y., written in another context of experiences.
  the image is clickable and goes to a somewhat larger JPG...



  EM drawings (1996-99 or so) // image-forms

  a few landscapes and various (monuments) structures.
  always having drawn as a type of communication. what
  was never before-seen in the SF Bay Area, for me, was
  that the lights on far distant hills and peninsulas,
  especially when shrouded in fog, almost became like
  stars, or at least experientially in terms of space
  and light and distance and what patterns are seen.
  thus, the idea of constelltions on the hillside...



  EM jewelry (1994-95 or so) // image-forms

  most of this jewelry is proposed, and have only made
  2 pieces which were given away, one of which is the
  first seen here. by making examples of how electro-
  magnetic icons could help convey the idea of raising
  awareness about the aesthetics and the role of EM tech
  in culture, jewelry seemed one way of many to show how
  it could be explored. there is some other work in this
  realm but is in another category, about language with
  rings using LEDs and the rest. for anther day...



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