~e; mapping electromagnetism

From human being <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 02:35:15 -0500

  [decided to recode an old map created for the
  mapping of electromagnetic content, which was
  a prototype made for collaborative educational
  uses, and thus it had no content, as it was a
  proof-of-the-concept. concept being that using
  html (in 1998) a 'multilinear' map could show
  the varying scales and angles that EM info is
  flowing from one object/event/place (or tool,
  building, system) to another. many, actually.
  in a bare structure, just to demonstrate the
  idea, i think it has 700 files roughly, of
  images and graphics combined. a lot of small
  drawings and animations. in any case, at that
  time, before knowing what a relational data-
  base could do (this exact thing, if designed
  to), the 'base' tag for .html seemed the only
  way to not have the browser cache a previous
  screen. took that tag out and made all links
  relative, so am not sure if new browsers will
  cache or not, meaning, the browser remembers
  the last pages/frames, and does not update.

  this map is considered 'multilinear' as it
  explained, moreso than 'nonlinear' how the
  transformation of information (matter/energy)
  can occur across scales, from micro to macro,
  and also how there is a decipherable order
  that connects things, depending upon one's
  viewpoint. if taking the viewpoint of one
  specific thing, or event, the connections
  between it and other immediate things/events
  can be mapped in relation to one another. and
  from this, each point makes the map both more
  dense with details of various parts, and also
  wider in scope, as its multiverse of EM info
  expands. this was hoped, naively as always,
  to be a collaborative project. and that is
  still a hope that someday the educational
  value of understanding the environment thru
  the daily things (artifacts and assembling
  them in various assemblages of interpretive
  order) that are electromagnetic, and most
  basically, undescribed and without presence
  in most all discourses about issues like
  'the internet' and 'the new econonmy' and
  whatnot. as an example, having a multiviewed
  map can allow something like the places for
  embedded processors to be seen, and denoted,
  to understand how a streetlight might become
  'intelligent' through sensors, just as a
  spacecraft or motorcar. basic, simple ideas
  like this. but to approach them in a manner
  that is visual, and offers varying degrees
  of depth and breadth. which is not shown in
  this prototype. that is, that a child could
  use a tool to learn, as could a university
  student, approaching the content from various
  views and levels of complexity. and, likewise,
  each could add to the map, at certain levels.]

  given feedback on the map, it was suggested to
  write a (linear) narrative story of what the
  map demonstrates as a whole idea, but with a
  beginning and ending. thus, the 2nd link is to
  a short story that has changed its name, which
  arose from this feedback, and re-uses graphics
  from the map to tell a story about the content.
  2 different approaches to the same EM content...

  mapping the electrical assemblage (1998)


  story of the electrical assemblage (1998)


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  electromagnetism / infrastructure / civilization