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[was thinking about this idea a previous day, with regard to what
is available (and limiting in that) on the public airwaves, in terms
of music. compared it to a non-expert looking into music, say, and
having to choose from what is presented them on the frequency dial.
or, a non-architectural person, choosing what they see before them
as available information about the field. it is somewhat like if one
has to choose between classical-modern music and architecture, as
the only choices between that and the vast wasteland of electronica.
but then the 'video tv' project the other week, sent as an url/e-mail,
and also this, remind that it is possible to change all of this. had
been thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a channel in all of the
medias, for public works. like, say, channel INTL, or something such,
in the newspaper, in the radio spectrum, in the television channels.
and in which, those who are doing experimental works, and works that
may not be commercial in nature, still can use the medium of their
work, freely enough, to distribute their work, to share it w/others.
probably much more complex. but one thing is somewhat obvious in that
books just do not do it for things electronic, and their presentation
as content, oftentimes. and so, how to make a place where this could
happen. the following seems like an experiment in this direction...]

Press release: Resonance 104.4 FM

Resonance 104.4 FM is London's first radio art station, brought to you
by London Musicians' Collective.  It starts broadcasting from May 1st
at 5pm. Expect the unexpected from what New York's Village Voice calls
the "Best Radio station in the world".  Resonance FM is a radio
station with no play lists, no smarmy DJs or pompous pundits; a
radical alternative to the universal formulas of mainstream
broadcasting. Programmes made by artists who represent the diversity
of London's arts scene, including Savage Pencil, Gavin Turk, Matthew
Glammore, Caroline Kraabel - and of course HUNDREDS of musicians from
London and beyond, doing what they want to do.

Resonance promises to bring a multitude of experimental sound, new
music, radio art and interaction to the airwaves. Resonance FM will
broadcast from the heart of London and on the web on
where you can check out full programme listings.

On air between 5pm and 1am daily, and noon till 1am at weekends,
Resonance 104.4 FM is the only station of its kind in the UK providing
access radio for the London arts community.

"Imagine a radio station like no other. A radio station that makes
public those artworks that have no place in traditional
broadcasting. A radio station that is an archive of the new, the
undiscovered, the forgotten, the impossible. That is an invisible
gallery, a virtual arts centre whose location is at once local, global
and timeless. And that is itself a work of art. Imagine a radio
station that responds rapidly to new initiatives, has time to draw
breath and reflect. A laboratory for experimentation, that by virtue
of its uniqueness brings into being a new audience of listeners and
creators. All this and more, Resonance FM aims to make London's
airwaves available to the widest possible range of practitioners of
contemporary art." --Ed Baxter, project co-ordinator

Announcing the Resonance 104.4 FM Launch Party.
Resonance 104.4 FM invites you to its launch.
30th April 2002 from 8pm at 93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London E1.
A free event which Includes live performances by:
Apache 61 + The Invisible String Quartet + Icarus + Post Man + Sarah
Washington & Simon King + Gavin Turk + Siren Suite + Jim Backhouse +
DJs + surprise guests.


London Musicians' Collective Limited
3.6 Lafone House, 11-13 Leathermarket Street, London SE1 3HN
Tel: 020 7403 1922
Fax: 020 7403 1880
Registered charity number 290236

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