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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 15:11:58 -0500

    heard there may be an EM-geomagnetic shift close to
    occuring yet have not found the link, it was in a UK
    paper, about the geomagnetic poles shifting, something
    that happens every hundred or so years, which it may
    be relevant to note, there are 2 sets of 'poles', the
    shifting poles and the absolute poles. do not know a
    lot about the differences, one may be land-based, the
    other, magnetically based. in any case, in searching
    for the news story found a site which has an interesting
    approach to the (northern/southern) lights also known
    as the aurora borealis. what is interesting is that the
    effects (which look like plasma displays gone hyperspeed
    lava-lamp-like) happen with particles from the sun or the
    solar system hitting the particle fields (van allen belts)
    which protect the earth from some of these deadly rays. it
    may be dust, or whatnot, that gets illuminated in various
    colorshows of these lightstorms. to experience one is to
    experience one only, as they are so different. have only
    seen a few, but they are spectacular events to see/feel.
    so here's a link, which if you goto it, look at the way
    the descriptors of the storms are labled: 
    ie: Types of activity observed: (Discrete Arcs) (Rays) 
    (Diffuse Glows) (Discrete Arcs) (Rays) (Curtains) (Zenithal) (Color-Varying)            
    (Localized Pulsations) (Wave-like Pulsations) (Color-Varying) etc.
    [concept of 'painting in light' reinterpreted, or inspired, possibly]

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