~e; re: automadness vs. humanity

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Fri, 19 Apr 2002 04:08:17 -0500

 hello listmembers. this is a short announcement to
 let persons on the lists know that the autobiography
 on the ~e.org website has been reinterpreted. the
 concept of 'automated madness vs. humanity' will still
 be included in the new website, which relates the past
 with the prior content, the present with educational
 explorations and ideas, and the future with proposals
 for electromagnetism in society.
 the one note is that, being a work in development, it
 is mainly the same content, but more content will come
 online in a similar manner as to what is there tonight.
 also, the 'public project' has been renamed 'Towards a
 Human Understanding of EM Civilization'.
 the one thing needing to be stated at this time is that
 the whole project, from its previous incarnation to the
 present one, and the process of discovering more about
 the goals of the project, and how people relate or do
 not relate to the ideas, or their re-presentation, has
 been both very informative and disturbing, and so this
 new site seeks to address the same issues in a somewhat
 different manner, yet to keep the realm of ideas similar.
 especially as regards the idea of 'automatism' and auto-
 mated madness and humanity, or versus humanity. in that
 this quite old view of things, from an educational stand-
 point, still has quite a bit of relevance, in terms of
 how things work with language, identity, logic, and the
 relations between people. all the things needed to share
 ideas, knowledge, and to create and collaborate together.
 so texts about ideas such as this concept are hopefully
 going to be developed, to communicate what this means
 with regard to electromagnetism and civilization. 
 to see the redesigned site, please goto:
 => Towards a Human Understanding of Electromagnetic Civilization
 Architectural Past | Educational Present | Electromagnetic Future
 please send any feedback to: human@electronetwork.org
 thanks. (the use of the plural 'towards' was chosen as
 'human' is meant in both plural and singular vantages.)

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