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[the following announcement is with regard to using
 EM tools in new and educational ways. that is, using
 GIS and GPS devices to teach, to learn, to explore,
 investigate, from m/any discipline/s this is of value,
 as it allows techniques and methods that already exist
 or those that are proposed, to be tested, and also the
 experimental factor, trying to find the dual-use from
 GIS/GPS systems, beyond mere 'recreational use' (read:
 boating, hiking, car driving) and mil-industrial use.
 there is a whole industry around the consumption of
 the pre-existing topological mapping of GIS using GPS,
 yet it is very difficult to 'create' as the tools are
 not meant for production, as of yet. unless one is a
 specialist. such conferences will change this future.
 and hopefuly industries will be addressing this unmet
 need and ability inherent in cartographic technology.]

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GIS and Community Mapping Professional Development Opportunities for Educators
Community Mapping Program Summer Institute
June 24-28, 2002
Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH

We encourage educators and community organization representatives working
with middle or high school level students to join us this summer and learn
how to foster place-based student investigations of local social,
economic, and ecological systems.

Participants will be introduced to Global Positioning Systems (GPS),
Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and how to use these technology
tools to engage students.  Participants may choose to enroll in the GIS
Training Track for an in-depth introduction to the GIS software ArcView

At the heart of the institutes are on-going mini-mapping projects, where
participants work in small groups and complete field and lab work that
explores a community problem, need or opportunity.

To learn more about the Community Mapping Program and obtain a Summer
Institute registration form, please visit www.communitymap.org or contact
Nicole Conte, nconte@vinsweb.org, 802-457-2779 x126.

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