~e; timelining micro-processes

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Mon, 8 Apr 2002 20:30:39 -0500

[there are  many great educational resources for all
industries regarding EM advancements in technology in
various fields of endeavor. some are systems-approaches,
how-things-work, etc. and some are genealogical, like
the following Microprocessor Timeline, it is a poster.
there is a company (non-profit/.us) which focusess on
energy posters similar to these, which describes how
oil, gas, electric, and other infrastructure work, from
the very beginning of production/generation to consumption,
showing the chain of interconnections between a plastic
product and the oil derrick in the field or ocean where
such products are directly related. as is the internet
and the oilfields of the middle-east, should recent news
of oil embargo as foreign policy play itself out. in any
case, no oil, no internet. quite simple. but then, no cars
and not much else either, if the old plan remains the new
plan. no em art, science, or technology either. education
and awareness could help create new possibilities for other
futures to unfold, different yet connected with the older,
more traditional, industrial models that will remain at the
base of things, in some form. for some time. it is guessed.]

"The Computer Museum History Center hosts both real and virtual exhibits. You
may also visit our Visible Storage area in Mountain View, California on
Wednesday afternoons to see highlights from our collection.

The exhibits shown here track two of the more fundamental developments in
computer technology: the internet and the microprocessor. Each timeline reflects
several person years of effort by industry experts, computer scientists, and
historians of technology, all of whom have worked hard to ensure factual
accuracy and ease of comprehension. The Microprocessor timeline is also
available as a poster. We hope you find these timelines to be useful overviews
of the key developments that have shaped the world around us and, as usual, we
welcome your comments." 


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