~e; telephones and diplomacy

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 30 Mar 2002 14:41:50 -0600

[this is a somber message of a headline on the drudgereport.com
  which shows one example of how the loudspeaker, television, fax,
  telephone, computer, and all the rest have played a role in state
  affairs and also in politics. this is not sent with any other intention
  than to demonstrate the symbolism technology may imbue in times
  like these, where the gravity may be realized by a shared experience
  or by a cultural dynamic of interrelationships between peoples/ideas:]

NYT SUNDAY: Arafat nursed dying cellphone battery, remaining link to the 
outside world...

  [this also eludes to the 'red phone' or 'hotline', whatever the phone in
  the USA's presidential Oval Office in the Whitehouse has. a direct line
  to the USSR i thought was installed which may or may not be the same
  thing. but similar to a 'crisis line'. now, with mobiles, then,  

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