~e; EM evolution: update

From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2002 12:10:08 -0600

  ~e-listers. well, times are not good, and this is not a personal
  but project statement, but it seems there is no differentiation
  on any level about working together, it is deemed work of the
  superego, grandious to even imagine, and can be quitely attacked.

  it is clear a type of sharing, or peer reveiw for none other than
  the sake of making ideas better, has become an orchestra of a
  dissonant noisemaking, party-time. and, thus, to manage this
  situation, it has been chosen to not join the party, whatever
  that means. yet, one question, answer remains, in my mind.

  in purusit of EM education, i had sent copies of an grant.edu to
  people who are now ridiculing all aspects of the idea, at a level
  that is far from professional. maybe it is retribution. that is not
  a problem, but a sad realization, as there was little feedback to al-
  most all prior work, and the work can be seen as a conceit, a threat,
  and not a last-effort at making change when nothingness pervades.

  but through this experience, of a type of critique that is beyond
  the level of cruel (not in the dimensions one may imagine), it has
  helped me to reevaluate my own intentions, and although i think/
  feel i may be approaching the public work in some ways, and even
  though things have gotten to the end with options, with this feed-
  back, it makes me realize (which i had but not clearly enough to
  recognize what to do next) is that the 'automadness' website is
  going to be depersonalized in terms of people and places, for the
  most part. the content is what matters. and like the photo-URLs
  that have been sent to this list, maybe the 'story' of automated-
  madness vs. humanity could be set into that recontextualization,
  so that it is not an us-them thing, which it was not, but if it is to
  only be interpreted in those terms, well, it was not for the right
  reasons, enough to keep it up, and i realized this on 9.11.01, as
  there are more serious problems about the issues. and so the idea
  is that basic ideas that may not find a place in any current e-mail
  group about these issues (automated madness | humanity ) could
  be developed there. along with many little projects. a website. in-
  stead of linear laundry list, which was psychologically needed as
  a form of survival. many may never understand what this means.

  such that, one of my favorite books, it was thrown out of the
  circulating books of a library, i probably picked it up for 30 cents
  or 50 cents at a library booksale (friends of the US libraries, org)
  and it was valueless, yet, at the same time, as i will scan and put
  online, an invaluable book in electromagnetic culture. a children's
  book, no less. a story, simple. but dealing with telephony and all.
  some great artists have done some work. this may have been from
  the 40s or 50s, i do not know. what i did have over years of my
  collection of such artifiacts was a library of such em-treasures,
  yet, in having to move (and pay for shipping the books i did have),
  had to sell and dispose (donate, which will then be incinerated as
  they are not of any value, as commodities, not as cultural info),
  is that 50% of these books, the 1st children's books on computers,
  on electrons, on nuclear, on computers. they are all now vanished.
  they do not exit. that is the tragedy. that public archive that no
  one person can do. and hopefully, someday someone or a group
  will have resources to put towards this public library of early
  EM interpretations. much and well prior to any net.discourses
  about internet culture, as the box is networked but still a box.

  thus, regarding the 'story', that public story that seems to have
  gotten lost and become its own monster, myth, well, it will be
  dealt with as soon as it can be figured out how to bring it into
  its next incarnation. it will be of past-present-future. axes that
  were ground were ground for a reason, and that reason has now
  passed. the context has changed. and yet as referenced work it
  needs to be online in its form instead of being a blank URL. so it will
  be worked on and redirected for better ends that can now be seen.

  thanks to those who, while we may disagree, we still may be civil.
  and thanks to those who are able to trust that there is some public
  aspect to this work, that many are doing, and that this project will
  someday work with others to realize, too. but it is in its infancy, a
  sort of really difficult birth, which in today's world, is a spectacle
  to be critiqued for what it isn't, a ruse. but, the joke will be on the
  quickest to judge what they see, as it is the past that has precedent.

  there are about 90 people on the list to keep things in check should
  things that are written get too off the mark, so please make your
  voices known in public, if the doubt of this project's intentions are
  that much in suspicion. otherwise, you can always unsubscribe. as
  i have had to for one person, as a managerial decision. unfortunately.


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