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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 00:26:45 -0600

  [opened up a box of old drawings from roughly 8-10 years
  ago which had sketches and attempts at ordering the chaos
  of a complex, unordered (by another person, in the same
  sense) system. it had its equivalent in language. if one is
  to show someone something, or talk about it, but there is
  no precedent, they may not be able to sense what it is that
  is before them, and how to judge it, consider it, against all
  of the other data that precedes it. just another thing. so too,
  as a person, trying to 'talk' these images, well, was tongue-
  twistering, in that the reasoning was erratic and warped in
  a mixing of word, sound, image, all of a different language,
  or way of saying. so, a disconnect. but these images/pictures
  still mean the same thing to me today, and maybe they may
  mean something to someone else in this forum, as a way of
  seeing/saying/describing/ordering all this EM stuff around...]


  compare 'e-streetlights' with classical western architectural
  orders, columns and capitals, in space thru light, as a type of
  volumetric mass and so that shadow could act as an arch or a
  ceiling, and the e-pole the column, compared w/trabeatation.



a coverpage to an essay on the exeter library at yale by l.kahn
i think. for an advanced architectural class on light & sound design.
tried to bring em into it via the front page, and the audiotron tube.



for some reason this is one of my favorite early drawings, in that in
reading the history books about electricity, and then catching up with
it in the present, it was like drawing backwards to find the present. in
this drawing it shows the e-poles evolution from telegraph to cellular.



basic typologies of radio and radio connected buildings and systems. think
drew everything i could think of, yet have not found all the drawings. the
basic architectural idea is/was to find common traits (such as radio tower)
and document them. same with stock exchange, tanning salons, and e-buildings.
there was a notion that the metal pylons used for high-voltage tranmission in
some sense (would have to be described further) were 'civic' whereas the much
smaller scale and ubiquitous wooden (& other) e-poles were 'domestic', in the
sense of public and and private functioning. never developed that idea though.



here are two more EM typologies of e-tools. first to note that the 
concept of tools,
buildings, and systems was eventually employed as an ordering system 
of artifacts,
assemblages, and interconnections. also that, firstly while focussing 
on infrastructure
it seemed that 'electricity' was the cultural norm, although 
'electromagnetism' was a
more accurate word. but for sake of direct correspondance with 
culture as it is, it was
first electricity, until later, probably 2000ish, it became clearer 
that EM is the only
way to get to the larger issues (without leaving out magnetism, 
another whole paradox.



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