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From bc <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 13:38:21 -0600

  something on cartome.org reminds me of one of the
  more intriguing aspects of EM research, and that is
  satellite imagery brought about over the last few
  decades by repurposing satellites for environmental
  use (a benefit to the .mil-industrial complex, if one
  could put it in those terms). meaning that, aspects
  of the atmosphere that Benjamin Franklin (US) found
  by keyholding a kite experimentally, now unveiled,
  that is, the atmosphere is charged, can bring with it
  further discoveries, a great aspects of the emprical
  sciences that is not, equally, comparable in the arts.
  technology, a possible middle ground, if one could
  look at the below as art, as have some painters and
  others who research the visual realm as knowledge
  seekers, as children, to learn. and then to translate
  what they are seeing. here is the gravity map of
  the planet earth as seen by an orbitting satellite:

  an aside to this idea, in the arts, could be explained
  by researcher- artists and architects- who are now
  trying to grapple (not dongle others) with such issues.
  lucky, once in San Francisco, finally had a chance to
  get close enough to Sutro Tower in the City. it is a
  radio/tv broadcast, what could be portrayed as an
  Eiffel Tower of the present (its uselessness finally
  gave way to sending radio signals, and then other
  towers somewhat mimic its design, material and
  form, and function). well, got one shot of the tower
  with fog and a sunrise, a picture that is not readily
  available to put back online. yet, while exploring the
  city, happened to be near an art-shop that sold a
  card of Alex Gray's anatomical paintings/works,
  and it conveyed in art what the gravity map will
  within the sciences. gave a sense of context. well,
  i think i had money for only one card, but of two
  on the following website, i do not know which it
  was, but there was something very private about
  them, something i choose not to discuss in public,
  in terms of religious beliefs and whatnot. in any
  case, these images say so much about the EM as
  an infrastructure in the human (organism) body,
  that it can bring home some of the larger issues
  about gravity still being difficult to comprehend.
  yet, in terms of art and architecture, the humanity
  made visible in relation to electromagnetism in
  Gray's work, as an infrastructure & foundation
  for understanding, potentially, is still missing from
  most all that is going on these days, as the science
  is separated from the knowing, or not taken into
  serious enough account to deal with empirical ideas.

1- http://www.silcom.com/~timber/praying.html (124k .jpg)

2-  cannot find the other image, thought i saw it before,
      it was basically a full body image with the heart the
      center of the em-like eminations. to each one's taste.

  lucky that someone else sent such a URL in days of
  darkness like these. maybe somehow, with hope that
  is not the kind of technological hope, but human hope,
  we can find a way to better understand ourselves,
  and the context we live within, and build as a future.

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