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  [hard to imagine, a few weeks ago there was news about a secret US nuke
  war contigency plan that is going to be published by some press, which was
  brought about by the FOIA (freedom of info_act) to gain access for the public
  overview of government docs and decision making (and the makers of these).
  in it, the contingency plan was said to allow for many many causalties, that
  something nearing half of the population in the US (180 million 
people in 1950s,
  about 290 million in 2001) would be fatally injured in some way, and that the
  facilities at hand would not be enough to deal with the whole 
situation. this idea
  has been repeated in other books, such as the known fact that there 
is absolutely
  _no _civil _defense for the general US population in case of a 
nuclear 'outbreak',
  even while shadow.govs may have their bunkers in mountains, ala Strangelove.
  what is odd about the documents below is that they are from the present day,
  and they present a very dark scenario (and strategic posture) indeed. and it
  is difficult at once to critique, given the political climate, and 
yet to ignore,
  as silence often does not get a second or third chance, when things go wrong.
  do not know what to say/think/feel about such news. it may be just how the
  inner workings of nuclear states are. but at the same time, knowing there is
  zero-defense, and making a massive offense, puts one in a quite aggressive
  position in case of things going off the edge. which could happen if somehow
  the dial on the burner of cultural difference is not turned way way down...
  war begets war, and from this, chemical and biological wars beget nuclear.]


U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms

Military: Administration, in a secret report, calls for a strategy against at
least seven nations: China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya and Syria.
By PAUL RICHTER, Times Staff Writer
March 9, 2002



Secret Plan Outlines the Unthinkable

A secret policy review of the nation's nuclear policy puts forth chilling
new contingencies for nuclear war.
March 10, 2002


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