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>  FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE invite you to participate to the next
>  luminosities of the saturday 15th june 2002 either in
>  lighting, or in organising your own light party or by passing
>  the words. Remember that FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE is a French
>  play-on-words meaning both Do your own Light and Light Party.
>  The FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE event wants to change daily life
>  thanks to shadow and to light. Public outdoor become an
>  audiovisual broadcast space, live, and open to any
>  sharing. This event is based on an active co-operation
>  between inhabitants and local associations.
>  FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE happen simultaneously in several towns
>  and villages: Marseille, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Quincerot,
>  Paris, Montargis, Bourges, Toulouse, Genˆ®ve, Bruxelles,
>  Montrˆ©al etc’Ķ etc’Ķ.
>  A simple idea :
>  - interrupt temporaly public lighting
>  - using facades, shop window, windows, hanging sheets or any
>    surface possible or unimaginable to transform it in screen or
>    show space
>  - work with a commom material adaptable to any project: the
>    light, to use as raw material or broadcast possibility
>  - broadcast directly in open air several kind of works
>    realised by professionals or amateurs in order to cause
>    sharing and discoveries
>  All of the movie projections, videos, slides, chinese shadow,
>  street theater and other luminosities create a unique and out
>  of the ordinary festival.
>  The temporaly restoration of the facades bring inhabitants to
>  meet different univers that they would never discover. With
>  the passer-by spectators, they stroll around surprises. This
>  festival change daily space used by the daily life.
>  Performers are in direct contact with the audience. They can
>  meet people who want to know more details about their
>  works. Performers often create pieces especially for the
>  event.
>  At first, people at the intiative of this festival organised
>  an access public home-TV in the southern of
>  Paris. (http://www.teleplaisance.org). FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE
>  continue this idea of opening public space in order to create
>  a sharing system.
>  As the event has spreaded, we created the Federation FAITES
>  DE LA LUMIˆ®RE. Federation members are local organisators of
>  FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE. They are ’Ķ - groups of inhabitants who
>  want to wake up their environment, - groups of performers
>  with the desire to spread their work beyond classical
>  gallery, festivals, - associations created especially for the
>  event, - experimental happy clubber ...
>  Each one imagine and organise their own FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE,
>  with its desire, capacities and means. Each FAITES DE LA
>  LUMIˆ®RE is autonomous and unique. Further more, everyone take
>  care of the website's part which talk about their festival on
>  www.faitesdelalumiere.net
>  Everywhere it's happening, the success is never denied
>  because FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE is adaptable and can be changed
>  with local energy.
>  If an association desires to organize a light event outside
>  the official date, we describe it as a FIESTALUX. If the
>  event doesn’Äôt last all the evening, it becomes a
>  LUXACTIF. Within this organization, every member of the
>  Federation is autonomous and develops is own perspective.
>  For more detail about this event, and to discover the elder
>  FAITES DE LA LUMIˆ®RE, please go to :
>  http://www.faitesdelalumiere.net
>  If you like this project, or make you up and down, or for any
>  other questions... contact us by email:
>  2002@faitesdelalumiere.net

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