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some news items from:  NewsScan Daily, 4 March 2002 ("Above The Fold")
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The future of wireless communications may lie in neighborhood area networks
(NANs, or "Nanny Networks"), which could vastly extend the range of local
Wi-Fi wireless networks by meshing together large numbers of Wi-Fi
communications nodes. Wi-Fi, the popular name for the 802.11 wireless
standard, is generally effective only within an area of several hundred
feet; however, by using mesh routing technology, engineers are planning
creation of the next-generation Internet as a challenge to the top-down
designs planned by the nation's cellular companies. MIT Media Laboratory
director Nicholas Negroponte says, "The good news is that broadband
wireless access will finally explode. The social contract is simple: you
can use mine when you are in the vicinity of Mount Vernon Street, Boston.
But I want to be able to use yours when I am near you." The new technology
could ultimately provide all homes, schools, and shopping centers access to
the Internet, and could jump-start the development of infrastructure
creation in developing countries. (New York Times 4 Mar 2002)


With digital cinema poised as a threat to its traditional business as a
maker of raw film stock, Eastman Kodak is moving aggressively into the
emerging digital market by introducing a high-quality movie projection and
operating system that can show digital movies distributed via DVD,
satellite, or a fiber-optic network. Hollywood studios will be able to save
many millions of dollars from reduced distribution costs, but theater
operators will have to decide whether to spend approximately $150,000 per
screen to upgrade their obsolescent projection systems. (Reuters/San Jose
Mercury News 4 Mar 2002)

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