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>... this may interest you
>microbes to produce power,
>electricity from organic matter
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  hi joan, very interesting (the site itself is stunning. aesthetic
  mix of scientific illustrations and photos of equipment that
  captures an essence/range/context of the idea-matter)...

>  here are two quotes from the article:

"the journal Science concludes that certain microorganisms can 
transform organic matter commonly found at the bottom of the ocean 
into electrical energy.

"the UMass study was the first to prove that the nearly ubiquitous 
microbes living in a typical marine environment could produce 
electricity under the conditions naturally found in that environment."


  when i first read the title i thoguht of the 'primordial soup' in 
the sea of early
  life on earth. also, reading the article brought this out in the 
above quotes. it
  is intriguing to think that these same microorganisms have always been around,
  and that in the early formation of the earth, when the atmosphere 
was constantly
  lit up by lightning, and bolts of electricity were hitting the ocean 
waters, that
  these little beings (micro-organisms) had 'charge', and that this 
charge, while
  in all things material, is also the animated part of 'life', and 
further, that the
  theory of evolution involves the transfer of life from this soup, into a land-
  based charged-being. eventually humans, even.

  thus, it is always odd when reading of a computer working on sludge, or a
  powerplant fueled by bog waste, yet, at the same time, it is like a particle
  accelerator of EM culture, in a sense, like smashing particles looking for
  the origins of the big-banging of the universal constants. but instead, it is
  to look at the primordial soup in these 'tiny bodies' underwater, charged,
  that may be some of the earliest lifeforms around. origin-story-like.

  thanks for the fwd. brian

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