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Date Fri, 4 Jan 2002 09:55:11 -0600

[portable telecommunications tower, which expands from a
box straight up into the sky. a local minnesota company...]

from the company's website:

Benefits of our product include:

*	Provides temporary communications for sports events, 
emergencies, or other situations.
*	Portable equipment provides a cost-effective way to test 
locations for cellular phone and other communication towers before 
permanent structures are built.
*	Can be used while waiting for zoning approvals for permanent 
towers, which often take up to six months.
*	Capable of lifting and supporting heavy antenna equipment.
*	Antennas or satellite dishes on our towers are much easier to 
repair than those on other permanent towers, because this tower can 
be lowered and raised in minutes.
*	Available in numerous configurations.
*	Portable towers can be equipped with enclosures to protect 
communication equipment from weather.
*	Auxiliary electrical power outlets, which supply power at 
several voltages, can be provided to power construction equipment or 
maintenance tools.
*	System can be permanent and stored below ground, or be 
temporary and portable.

How It Works
The telecommunications tower can lift loads of 2,500 or more pounds 
to 80 feet in approximately three minutes. We would be pleased to 
discuss your height requirements in excess of 80 feet. The system can 
withstand significant side winds without guy wires. Our system is 
equipped with a level-sensing device that tells the operator when the 
unit is level.

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