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>Big News!! Hot off the press is Alternative Energy Institute's 
>revolutionary new book, "Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for 
>the 21st Century." Is the pending worldwide energy crisis real - or 
>just another hoax? When will the world's supply of cheap oil and 
>natural gas peak in production? To maintain our way of life, how 
>much will the industrialized nations have to rely on the politically 
>volatile Middle East for oil? Is an "energy crisis" looming in the 
>near future? Or hardly a threat? Can existing renewable energy 
>systems really replace the power provided by fossil fuels? What new 
>energy systems may be developed in the 21st century that can replace 
>fossil fuels and supplement renewable energy resources?
>Endorsed by internationally-acclaimed scientist and futurist, Sir 
>Arthur C. Clarke, this solution-oriented and comprehensive new book 
>answers these and virtually any question that you may have regarding 
>the global energy situation in a non-technical, straightforward 
>text. The book not only explains the possibilities of energy 
>conservation/efficiency and the benefits of renewable energy 
>resources, but it is also focused on potential emerging energy and 
>propulsion technologies that may be developed in the 21st century. 
>This is a very exciting and well-researched book, one that we here 
>at AEI believe is long overdue. There is nothing like it available 
>on the market today.
>The book boasts 386 pages of accurate content that has been reviewed 
>by the experts, complete with photographs, diagrams, and charts. New 
>Energy chapters include: "Cold Fusion: Fact or Fiction," "Zero Point 
>Energy: Sailing the Sea of Energy," and "Universal Forces: 
>Blackholes, Electrogravitics, & Deep Space Propulsion." This book 
>clearly explains Ken Shoulders' innovative "High Density Charge 
>Cluster Technology," Professor James Woodward's theoretical and 
>experimental research into propellantless propulsion, and the 
>nascent movement in the Department of Energy to fund and implement a 
>new Breakthrough Energy Physics Research (BEPR) Program. Plus much, 
>much more!
>"Turning the Corner: Energy Solutions for the 21st Century" offers 
>the concerned consumer practical and compelling solutions to many of 
>our potential obstacles. It will take action by all of all of us, 
>world citizens, industry and government, to make a successful 
>transition away from polluting fossil fuels and toward a more vital, 
>healthier world for us and future generations. Buy this book today! 
>You won't regret it. Our children and grandchildren are depending on 
>the intelligent decisions we make now.
>Order your copy now:
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