Mobile phone radiation levels to be published

From brian carroll <>
Date Sun, 15 Jul 2001 14:53:01 -0800

  some good mobile news today. also, the Seeing Cyberspace
  essay has been published on and is getting a lot
  of visitors, plus the PDA version is online at's
  e-publishing website in the philosophy section. did see one
  thing on the tv news that was hopeful, given the current US
  position on global warming and the possible collapse of the
  Kyoto protocols. one commercial business person, probably a
  solar business person, from the EU said that if that happens
  it will be up to business and people to do what the governments
  are not able to do. and install the devices need to avert the
  effects of industrial energy production, amongst other issues.
  that was hopeful to hear on a national broadcast, people are
  awake, and ready to make necessary changes. now it will just
  take some public awareness and initiative to start transforming
  the old ways of dealing with these same issues, into new ways
  that may have inititial drawbacks for those whom have power
  now, but in the end will benefit all of society. some thoughts.

>bc sent you this MSNBC News Link:
>** Mobile phone radiation levels to be published **
>Leading mobile phone makers will start publishing information later 
>this year about the level of radiation emitted by cell phones.
>Check out the hour's top stories on <>

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