Powerlines is live

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 22:13:46 -0800

  fellow ~e-listers, i have had the good fortune to
  work with Helen Hall on a website for her film and
  soundtrack for Poewrlines, a poetic documentary that
  examines electromagnetism and its influence on life.
  please take a look at the site and listen to the real
  audio clips or if you can, order the video and see
  the film. it is quite spectacular. the url is at:


  the `score' will be added to the site which will bring
  all of the dimensions together. and at that point the
  site will be officially launched. a very good article
  on Powerlines the film is a Musicworks article at:


  your comments are appreciated. this is work that brings
  together the scientific knowledge of electromagnetism with
  an artistic interpretation, and is pushes the boundaries
  on how one can begin raiseing awareness of EM phenomena.

  it is inspiring work.


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