Seeing Cyberspace launched

From brian carroll <>
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2001 02:16:23 -0800

  hello ~e-list, i have just finished the project
  which is the basis for the
  website, Seeing Cyberspace. it is at the url:

  basically, it consists of an essay, graphics,
  and animations which decipher internetworked
  media, power, and technology in the everyday
  environment. in an effort to raise awareness
  of how 'cyberspace' or the Internet connects
  to larger events offline, including global
  warming, power outages, energy inefficiency,
  and the ecological relationship between the
  economic, and energy and military sectors.
  all issues which stand before us today. the
  essay is broken down into these categories:

S E E I N G  C Y B E R S P A C E :

The Electrical Infrastructure is Architecture

0. Introduction:   [ Abstract | Acknowledgements | Dedication ]
1. Infrastructure: [ Electrical Tools, Buildings, & Systems ]
2. Cyberspace:     [ Electrical Energy | Warfare | Economy ]
3. Crises:         [ Electrical Outages | Inefficiency | Pollution ]
4. Strategy:       [ Electrical Planning | Design | Architecture ]
5. Objective:      [ Electrical Order | Action | Electronetworking ]

brian thomas carroll - independent researcher -
september 2000 - june 2001. release 07.04.01, public domain. no copyright. welcomes grants, donations, and sponsorships.

[ Abstract ]

[image of electrical outlet and plug]

Through architectural language, one can see the otherwise intangible Cyberspace
materialized in the power, media, and technological systems of the Electrical
Infrastructure. In so doing, pressing issues such as war, energy inefficiency,
global warming, pollution, and economic instability can be structurally related
to the seemingly separate experience online the Internet. Identifying this
relationship can help to educate and organize citizens whom want to address
common yet otherwise ignored needs of the representative human public.

  i will be announcing it on other lists in the coming weeks.
  the Public Energy Network (PEN) link is my next mini-project,
  of which was again generous in sponsoring the
  pen-list, which will be the basis for organizing persons
  whom want to colloborate on transforming the e-infrastructure
  into something which is designed to serve humans worldwide.

  let me know what you're thinking...
  thanks. brian

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