use caution when pursuing EM issues

From brian carroll <>
Date Wed, 4 Jul 2001 09:47:38 -0700

  [needless to say, the following has some good pragmatic device,
  in terms of the current way things work. yet, i hope these same
  people defending the current system are also able to adapt their
  worldviews, to see that people cannot live in the dark ages and
  in ignorance of the electromagnetic environment around them. the
  only secret here is public ignorance. and given freedom of thought,
  the pursuit of EM knowledge should not be considered an act of war
  if it threatens to change the current system. the system needs to
  be changed, and this can occur peacefully through education. else,
  there is only war, and trying to contain human knowledge, which as
  the past has shown more than enough, is impossible to]

"No police or intelligence agency in Canada or the U.S. has 
acknowledged that it hacks. In fact, computer hacking by governments 
is one of the most sensitive and highly classified government secrets 
anywhere in the world. It goes by innocent-sounding terms like 
'computer network exploitation' and 'information operations.' But 
even military and intelligence officials acknowledge hacking is 
highly dubious in the eyes of both domestic and international law.

	'If you get caught mapping out the critical infrastructure of 
a power grid, people might view it as an act of war,' said one U.S. 
intelligence expert who advises the Pentagon on information 

A renowned U.S. computer scientist who has testified before Congress 
and advised the U.S. government on computer security tells NOW that 
hacking by western military and intelligence services is an explosive 
issue. 'There are a lot of folks here who don't want to admit this is 
going on,' he says, adding a warning:

'You're on the tip of the iceberg here. You want to be a little bit careful.' "

-- Alex Roslin, The DIRT on Big Brother: He Can Use Your Net Service 
to Spy on You, June 28, 2001

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