Fwd: 'Turning California On'

From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2001 08:36:38 -0800

  thanks S. for the e-mail OpEd from the NYTimes site...

>NYT opinion piece on the California energy crisis

  [one comment i'd make, regardless of this OpEd is that
  most views are short-medium, same as it ever was, keep
  things moving forward, rolling along, without substantial
  and probably painful change in the structure of how things
  are done. that will take eco/soc/political power that is
  not possible now in the bureaucracy of democracy, as far
  as i can believe. thus, whatever is crisis solved is only
  like the 'finger in the dike' effect. news today on salon.com
  of california, world's 5th largest economy, going into a
  possible recession, slowing down. that it is assumed that
  if things are fixed, they will speed back up, while also
  disregarding medium-long term changes that are absolutely
  necessary (decentralized systems, efficient, clean) is not
  buying a new lightbulb alone, but redesigned the entire
  power grid. see wired's Electrical Grid article on how
  this would be done by industry think-tanks, partly on
  the right direction, but still an insider's and corrupt
  because of that lack of public review and involvement
  and needs-fulfillment/value, thus, this is far from over
  it seems to me. i'm biased though. i've thought it was
  broken for quite a while now, and that ignoring this
  is the achille's heel of electromagnetic civilization.
  weird things are bound to happen.bc]

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