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From brian carroll <human@electronetwork.org>
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2001 11:27:33 -0700

  this one always makes me laugh, when i find it
  in the logfiles. hasn't been for months, but it
  is truly funny....

6/25|11:08 AM|user34.63.122.123||Mozilla/4.0 
(compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows NT 5.0)|

  1: search: at http://dns411.com/cgi-bin/whois.pl

  2: then search the embedded IP number:

  this is the record from the second search:


Halliburton Company (NET-HALLIBURTON)
    5151 San Felipe
    Houston, TX 77056

    Netname: HALLIBURTON
    Netblock: -

       Harrison, Richard  (RH766-ARIN)  rharrison@HALNET.COM
       281-596-6646 (FAX) 281-596-6659

    Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


    Record last updated on 11-Nov-1998.
    Database last updated on 23-Jun-2001 23:00:43 EDT.

The ARIN Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet
Network Information: Networks, ASN's, and related POC's.
Please use the whois server at rs.internic.net for DOMAIN related
Information and whois.nic.mil for NIPRNET Information.

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