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Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 09:07:00 -0700
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  here's some more info from the website
  about the project in India:

  i tried searching for "gulf war" and "kosovo" but came
  up with nothing, on their site. what is interesting to
  me, besides the multinational aspect of these globalized
  corporations which are states-in-movement, but also are
  nationalized, is that they are part of the process, the
  ecosystem and how energy-economics-warfare interconnect.
  it is not enron-specific, nor industry-specific, but an
  ecosystem of how the economy relies of a form of energy,
  as does the defense and procurement of these resources.

  therefore, global energy companies are interesting to
  watch, post-war/mortem, in that they are the first to
  re-build the destroyed environment. that is, to fix the
  broken infrastructure, a forced path of upgrade, so to
  say, due to the horrors that are war. thus, Enron had a
  presence in both post-war Kosovo and Quwait, securing
  contracts (billion dollar ones, i'm assuming), to fix
  and upgrade the energy sector and services, so to make
  electrical civilization functional again.

  this is why it is hard to imagine how an energy policy
  guided by this sector does not have an inherent bias in
  the way things are, within the dynamics of the energy
  sector, wars, and a tenuous economy dependent upon the
  continuation and protection of this system of power,
  its procurement, and inefficiency.

  the CEO of Enron, Ken Lay it seems to be, friend of
  the US President George W. Bush, and lead advisor in
  shaping the US Energy Policy, is, like a head-of-state,
  but it is not a public but a private state, that works
  upon the world, without boundaries. is that middle-man/
  person between governments and governments. the energy
  sector completes a closed-loop in any policy that would
  reflect the common person's needs, as there is no need
  for the common person in this system of misrepresentation.

  until Enron serves the public, and enters into public
  debate over their direction, without lawyers defending
  despotic practices, then, there will be a chance to
  change, to innovate, to alter the course we are on,
  to try to adapt to our current needs. else, there is
  only war, oppression, and the loss of all freedom, in
  the name of what? definitely not the human institution,
  but that of Enron, and Energy CEOs Bush, Cheney, et al. needs your support

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