rollyourown and gallery show... in mpls

From brian carroll <>
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:54:38 -0800

   my apologies, i kindly received this information by request
   and forgot to send it out last night. hope that anyone who
   has info can send it onward. nice idea, recognizing EM issues
   as cultural issues,...

>The energy show here is one part of a larger project called "Roll Your own
>Blackout" which was started by Molly Hankwitz.
>The show here is at Rogue Buddha Gallery,, from 7pm-10pm
>tonight.  Here's the announcement of the show, which is being organized by
>Laura Winton,
>Date:   6/20/2001 7:45:21 AM Central Daylight Time
>From: (Karawane Magazine)
>Thursday, June 21st:  Energy Crisis
>In response to the internet call to Roll Your Own Blackout on the First Day
>of Summer to protest current failing energy policies, Karawane and the Rogue
>Buddha Gallery present Energy Crisis.  The event will be held by natural
>light and candlelight, in keeping with the blackout call.
>    a.. Opening/closing solstice invocation by Olena Kukuruza and Kayte
>    b.. Poetry from Leigh Herrick, Bruce Ario, Briggs Seekins, Max Hermann,
>Laura Winton, Jules Nyquist, and Judith Daniels. **
>    c.. Live pre-show music from 7:00-7:30 by the Blackbirds.  Drumming by
>Leigh Herrick.
>    d.. Panel discussion with Paula Maccabee, Project Coordinator Sierra Club
>Minnesota Air Toxics Campaign and Laura Wolf of Senator Mark Dayton's Twin
>Cities office followed by Q&A.  (A great chance to make your opinions on
>energy policy known to our newest senator from Minnesota.)
>Admission is $2.  We encourage everyone to bike, bus, carpool, rollerblade,
>levitate, etc. to the Gallery.  Rogue Buddha is located at 2402 East
>Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis and is accessible by the new Minneapolis
>Route 3 bus.

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