system corrupted

From brian carroll <>
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 01:12:57 -0800

  hello everyone. would like to send an update,
  as i am almost offline, my computer system is
  badly damaged after what i would call a hack
  attack. things unexplainable have been going
  on with my system that i haven't seen in the
  years i've been online. i just reformatted
  my harddrive and clean installed my OS and
  everything is corrupted, and every program
  crashes and is broken, even after loading
  them freshly from cd or online. using a mac,
  the tools do not exist (and my own resources)
  to combat this problem via additional hardware
  and software. i had hoped to have the links
  and database up and running with content, and
  to update the log daily by now, but i am way
  behind due to these mysterious problems with
  my hardware, software, and online web space,
  dialup, etc. heard about the PBS tv documentary
  on the california energy fiasco, apparently
  VP Cheney was interviewed, as was Enron. if
  anyone has seen it, or reviews of this US
  documentary by Frontline, please send a link.
  great article in Wired magazine this month,
  it is in their paper magazine's website, on
  'the energy web.' have a link, would like
  to write about it, but my system is so messed
  up i can hardly work with it anymore. that,
  and another article on a different energy
  infrastructure on MIT's technology magazine
  website: here are the links::::

Technology Review - A Smarter Power Grid
(haven't read yet)

Wired 9.07: The Energy Web

very interesting overview and outline of possibilities,
and also industry influence and dynamics of the politics
involved, great ending. must read if interested in
anything using electricity, as it is the basis for
how things will or will not interact. in short,
vision of the energy infrastructure as a distributed
network of energy producers and consumers, instead
of just consumers. of course. but also the liberating
aspects, and then everyone's personal relationship
to the early days of the internet and public ideas
and now the vacancy of this in the privatized www.
thus, basically the EPRI, a private e-industry think-
tank with some great ideas but backchannel special
interests, is being peddled by Reagan guru George
Gilder at, and the Gilder Report,
via the PowerChips philosophy, free marketing the
new Energy Web as the next Big Thing that will
change everything, if only we let it happen. my
analysis can be found in the 'reviews' section
of the _Features_ on the url below.
all in all, this is a private vision, in the wired
article, trying to accomplish public goals, but
the rules must change for that to happen. experience
demonstrates this beyond a doubt, that without an
impartial or at least balanced view, economic,
_social, _political and _cultural, a system will
only serve the economic function firstly, with
the other influences to cascade thereafter, for
good or ill. debate welcome. bc

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